[][src]Crate ply_rs

Library for reading/writing ascii and binary PLY files.

This library has two goals:

  • Get you started easily.
  • Give you enough flexibility to boost performance.

Simplicity is provided by giving you high level operations and ready to use data structures:

  • Read an entire PLY file with read_ply(reader), see the Parser module.
  • Write an entire PLY with ẁrite_ply(target, ply), se the Writer module.
  • Don't care about data types: DefaultElement is nothing more than a linked HashMap where you access elements with String keys.

Performance can be achieved by using the finer granular methods and your own structs:

  • Writer and Parser provide you with methods down to the line/element level for nice things like streaming architectures.
  • Ply, Writer, and Parser use generics for the element-type. If HashMaps are too slow for you, define your own structs and implement the PropertyAccess trait. Data will then be written directly to your target format.



Reads ascii or binary data into a Ply.


Definitions used to model PLY files.


Writes ascii or binary data from a Ply to a Write trait.