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This crate implements a subset of libalpm functionality, basically what is required to read databases and parse things.

The goal is not to replace libalpm for doing actual system package management, but to be able to access metadata about an Arch or Arch-based system without needing to use the cumbersome C API. Generally this is an attempt to write a more flexible API for a lot of the stuff that libalpm does, in order to facilitate writing things like AUR helpers.



Db abstraction, providing access and search. Currently mostly unoptimized, contribs here would be appreciated


Provides structs with both metadata about a package and a representation of a package on the disk.



Little helper struct that logically groups a system's databases together, and makes construction and passing around a reference easier.


This is some package info that can be gained just from parsing file names, not tucking into the tar entries that contain more extensive metadata.


This either represents a virtual package, or an actual package in a databse. It can be used to query a db.