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Library for image conversion and compositing.

A raster image can be cheaply converted to and from raw byte buffers, enabling interoperability with other crates.

Many image formats are supported:

  • Bit depth: 8- or 16-bit integer and 32-bit float
  • Alpha: premultiplied or straight
  • Gamma: linear or sRGB
  • Color models:
    • RGB / BGR (red, green, blue)
    • CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow)
    • Gray (luma / relative luminance)
    • HSV (hue, saturation, value)
    • HSL (hue, saturation, lightness)
    • HWB (hue, whiteness, blackness)
    • YCbCr (used by JPEG)
    • Matte (alpha only)

Compositing with blending operations is supported for premultiplied images with linear gamma.

HWB Color Example

use pix::hwb::SHwb8;
use pix::rgb::SRgb8;
use pix::Raster;

let mut r = Raster::with_clear(256, 256);
for (y, row) in r.rows_mut(()).enumerate() {
    for (x, p) in row.iter_mut().enumerate() {
        let h = ((x + y) >> 1) as u8;
        let w = y.saturating_sub(x) as u8;
        let b = x.saturating_sub(y) as u8;
        *p = SHwb8::new(h, w, b);
// Convert to SRgb8 pixel format
let raster = Raster::<SRgb8>::with_raster(&r);



BGR color model and types.

Component channels

CMY color model and types.

Module for pix::el items

Gray color model and types.

HSL color model and types.

HSV color model and types.

HWB color model and types.

Matte color model and types.

Compositing and blending operations.

RGB color model and types.

YCbCr color model and types.


Color table for use with indexed Rasters.

Image arranged as a rectangular array of pixels. Rows are ordered top to bottom, and pixels within rows are left to right.

Location / dimensions of pixels relative to a Raster.

Iterator of rows in a raster, as slices of pixels.

Iterator of rows in a raster, as mutable slices of pixels.


Model for pixel colors.