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Pitch Detection

pitch_detection implements several algorithms for estimating the fundamental frequency of a sound wave stored in a buffer. It is designed to be usable in a WASM environment.


A detector is an implementation of a pitch detection algorithm. Each detector’s tolerance for noise and polyphonic sounds varies.


use pitch_detection::detector::mcleod::McLeodDetector;
use pitch_detection::detector::PitchDetector;

fn main() {
    const SAMPLE_RATE: usize = 44100;
    const SIZE: usize = 1024;
    const PADDING: usize = SIZE / 2;
    const POWER_THRESHOLD: f64 = 5.0;
    const CLARITY_THRESHOLD: f64 = 0.7;

    // Signal coming from some source (microphone, generated, etc...)
    let dt = 1.0 / SAMPLE_RATE as f64;
    let freq = 300.0;
    let signal: Vec<f64> = (0..SIZE)
        .map(|x| (2.0 * std::f64::consts::PI * x as f64 * dt * freq).sin())

    let mut detector = McLeodDetector::new(SIZE, PADDING);

    let pitch = detector

    println!("Frequency: {}, Clarity: {}", pitch.frequency, pitch.clarity);


Pitch Detectors

Generic Float type which acts as a stand-in for f32 or f64.


A pitch’s frequency as well as clarity, which is a measure of confidence in the pitch detection.