[][src]Struct glutin_window::GlutinWindow

pub struct GlutinWindow {
    pub window: GlWindow,
    // some fields omitted

Contains stuff for game window.


window: GlWindow

The window.


impl GlutinWindow[src]

pub fn new(settings: &WindowSettings) -> Result<Self, Box<dyn Error>>[src]

Creates a new game window for Glutin.

Trait Implementations

impl AdvancedWindow for GlutinWindow[src]

fn title(self, value: String) -> Self

Sets title on window. Read more

fn exit_on_esc(self, value: bool) -> Self

Sets whether to exit when pressing the Esc button. Read more

fn automatic_close(self, value: bool) -> Self

Sets whether the window will automatically close when attempting to close it. If this is disabled, attempts to close the window can be detected via an Input::Close(..) event, and Window::set_should_close() can be called to actually close the window. Read more

fn capture_cursor(self, value: bool) -> Self

Sets whether to capture/grab the cursor. Read more

fn position<P>(self, val: P) -> Self where
    P: Into<Position>, 

Sets the position of window. Read more

impl Window for GlutinWindow[src]

impl BuildFromWindowSettings for GlutinWindow[src]

impl OpenGLWindow for GlutinWindow[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for GlutinWindow

impl !Sync for GlutinWindow

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