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Pairing Heap

A priority queue implemented with a pairing heap.

From Wikipedia:

A pairing heap is a type of heap data structure with relatively simple implementation and excellent practical amortized performance. Pairing heaps are heap-ordered multiway tree structures, and can be considered simplified Fibonacci heaps. They are considered a “robust choice” for implementing such algorithms as Prim’s MST algorithm.

A min-pairing heap supports the following operations:

  • find_min: finds the minimum element of the heap, which is the root.
  • merge: combines two heaps together.
  • insert: adds a new element into the heap.
  • delete_min: remove the root and reorder its children nodes.
  • decrease_key: decrease the priority of an element. Standard implementation of a heap data structure does not support searching for a key efficiently (which is the case in this crate). Thus, this operation can take very long time, with an upper bound of O(2^(sqrt(log log n))).

The heap data structure is often used in Dijkstra’s algorithm and Prim’s algorithm. With PairingHeap, the crate provides a fast implementation of these algorithms . See graph for more info.


Experimental API for graph analysis.


A min-pairing heap data structure.