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Pew is a benchmarking library

Pew is inspired by Google's C++ Benchmarking library. It is currently in very alpha stages (I'd consider it an MVP). It was built to be able to do the following (which you cannot do in the rust benchmarking library):

  1. Pause and unpause the benchmark timer
  2. Run multiple benchmarks by specifying a range of arguments
  3. Creating some initial state that gets passed to all runs of the benchmark

The benchmark will run for at least 1 second (or the user specified --min_duration) and at least 8 runs (or the user specified --min_runs). The average of these runs is output as the Time (ns) column.

The following flags are available when running the benchmark binary:

Akshay Nanavati <>
A benchmarking library for Rust based on google/benchmark

    example1 [OPTIONS]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

   -f, --filter <FILTER>             Only run benchmarks with a name that matches this regex
   -d, --min_duration <RUN_UNTIL>    Run benchmarks till this time (in s) and then output average [default: 1]
    -r, --min_runs <MIN_RUNS>        Run benchmarks for at least this many runs [default: 8]

Use -h to get the most up to date flags.



A convenience macro for stringifying a benchmark function



The main Benchmark struct


The benchmark state



This method forces the compiler to not optimize writes to memory in a benchmark.


This method forces the compiler to not optimize the return statement of a benchmark.