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You can populate Petnames with your own word lists, but the word lists from upstream petname are included with the default_dictionary feature (enabled by default). See Petnames::small, Petnames::medium, and Petnames::large to select a particular built-in word list, or use the Default implementation.

The other thing you need is a random number generator from rand:

let mut rng = rand::thread_rng();
let pname = petname::Petnames::default().generate(&mut rng, 7, ":");

It may be more convenient to use the default random number generator:

let pname = petname::Petnames::default().generate_one(7, ":");

There’s a convenience function that’ll do all of this:

let pname = petname::petname(7, ":");

But the most flexible approach is to create an Iterator with iter:

let mut rng = rand::thread_rng();
let petnames = petname::Petnames::default();
let ten_thousand_names: Vec<String> =
  petnames.iter(&mut rng, 3, "_").take(10000).collect();

You can modify the word lists to, for example, only use words beginning with the letter “b”:

let mut petnames = petname::Petnames::default();
petnames.retain(|s| s.starts_with("b"));
petnames.generate_one(3, ".");


Iterator yielding petnames.
Word lists and the logic to combine them into petnames.


Convenience function to generate a new petname from default word lists.

Type Definitions

A word list.