Function petgraph::algo::is_isomorphic_matching[][src]

pub fn is_isomorphic_matching<N, E, Ty, Ix, F, G>(
    g0: &Graph<N, E, Ty, Ix>,
    g1: &Graph<N, E, Ty, Ix>,
    node_match: F,
    edge_match: G
) -> bool where
    Ty: EdgeType,
    Ix: IndexType,
    F: FnMut(&N, &N) -> bool,
    G: FnMut(&E, &E) -> bool

Graph Return true if the graphs g0 and g1 are isomorphic.

Using the VF2 algorithm, examining both syntactic and semantic graph isomorphism (graph structure and matching node and edge weights).

The graphs should not be multigraphs.