[][src]Derive Macro pest_typed_tree::TypedTree

    // Attributes available to this derive:

Generates helper structs for type-safe AST handling.


For each rule pest-typed-tree will generate struct. E.g. foo_rule -> FooRule, and so on. This struct is wrapper for pest Pair for which as_rule() == foo_rule holds. You can create this struct using new() constructor, and get underlying pair or text.

Typed getters

pest-typed-tree will generate getters that return child nodes in AST. Consider following pest grammar:

foo = ...
bar = ...
baz = {foo ~ bar?}

Following APIs will be generated:

This example is not tested
impl Baz {
    fn get_foo(&self) -> Foo;
    fn get_bar(&self) -> Option<Bar>;

Converting to enum

If rule is just choice of several unique rules, pest-typed-tree will generate to_enum function that returns enum with actual AST child. For following grammar:

foo = ...
bar = ...
baz = ...
quux = {foo | bar | baz}

Following API will be available

This example is not tested
enum QuuxChildren {
impl Quux {
    fn to_enum(&self) -> QuuxChildren;

See test complex.rs for typed getters and enum conversion usage examples.