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Permissions crate

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Useful filesystem queries for file permissions:

See functions.


I tested this lib to work in Unix systems, I'm not sure about Windows compatibility (PR welcome! if you can test it and update this section).


use permissions::*;

fn main() -> std::io::Result<()> {
   println!("{:?}", is_readable("src/lib.rs")?);
   println!("{:?}", is_writable("src/lib.rs")?);
   println!("{:?}", is_executable("src/lib.rs")?);
   println!("{:?}", is_removable("src/lib.rs")?);


More about it

For the 0.3 version I plan on adding an nicer rwx bitmask interface, if you're interested, open an issue and I'll consider completing it sooner.

I haven't finished 0.3 because I didn't needed it, I just needed this crate to implement what's in 0.1 for other project of mine, that's why I'm waiting for someone to ask me to implement it before I do so.

I also want to ask what are the needs of other people for these features in 0.3.

Part of the code for rwx and (Owner | Group | Other) permissions bitflags are already available at the project's repository.


It's easy to contribute to this crate, here are some options:

  • Share it to a friend.
  • Help improve this README or other docs (even with little details).
  • Open an issue or PR in the repository.
  • Leave a star on GitHub.
  • Use it!!!


pub use functions::*;



Check for permissions at a path using access_syscall.