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pcomb: parser combinators

This is a tiny parser combinator library for rust. Combinators allow the ability to easily compose several parsing functions to produce a larger parser with easy control over output types and control flow. This library can currently statically parse any slice type, including generic ones.

See the documentation for the parse module to get started. And see the examples folder for a complete parsing example or run cargo run --example math inside the project.


This crate defines a few features. All features are enabled by default.

  • builtin_parsers: This feature enables the entire crate::parsers module. Your crate should not use this feature if it is not taking advantage of the module.
  • std: This feature enables the use of std. The absence of it enables #[no_std]. Note that crate features are additive across all dependencies in your dependency tree, so if other crates dependant on this have std enabled, it will be compiled with std. Note that there are parts of the crate that still require the use of alloc.


pub use parse::Parse;
pub use parse::ParseError;
pub use parse::Empty;
pub use parse::Identity;
pub use parse::Match;
pub use slice::Slice;


Generic static-dispatch-based parser combinators over slice types.

A standard set of common parsers.

Traits representing slices: fat pointers to a contiguous ranges of data.