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The PCG crate is a port of the C/C++ PCG library for generating random numbers. It implements the RngCore trait so all of the standard Rust methods for generating random numbers are available. You can find a reference on the methods provided by the Rng trait here: https://rust-random.github.io/rand/rand/trait.Rng.html

Note: you must use the rand crate if you want to use the methods provided by the Rng trait.

use rand::prelude::*;
use pcg::Pcg;

// Create the PCG struct with state
let mut pcg = Pcg::default();

// Generate arbitrary random values
let mut some_bool: bool = pcg.gen();
let mut some_f32: f32 = pcg.gen();
let mut some_u32: u32 = pcg.gen();



The Pcg state struct contains state information for use by the random number generating functions.


A wrapper type for the PcgSeed


A wrapper type for u64 so we can define methods on a built-in primitive