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Privacy by Design (PbD) is more important than ever in the industry. No matter if you’re an architects, software engineers, test engineer, release manager, or business analyst,
designing systems with privacy in mind is a critical part of your work. For this reason, this library provides functionality and components that help you implement PbD best practices.


This crate follows the privacy design strategies and tactics and is broken down into aligned features. These features can be specified in Cargo.toml as a dependency.

[dependencies.pbd] version = “0.3” default-features = false features = [“dua”]

Feature List
Data Privacy InspectordpitrueInspects data to determine if it contains sensative content and requires data privacy handling
Data Tracker ChaindtctrueAuditing of the data lineage
Data Security GuarddsgtrueEncryption and decryption of the data
Data Usage AgreementduatrueManagement of how data is allowed to be used



The dsg module provides functionality and structures that the Data Security Guard utilizes to enforce the Privacy by Design Separate and Enforce strategies.




Takes a list of &str and returns a list of String