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paws is a very simple, bring-your-own-backend UI library built for quick prototyping and easy embedding in existing projects. If you’re looking for docs on how to start, see Ui.


pub use AlignH::*;
pub use AlignV::*;


Convenience macro for pushing and popping groups automatically.


An 8-bit RGBA color.

A dummy renderer. This can be used for executing graphics commands without a graphical backend available.

A dummy font used by the NoRenderer backend.

Padding amounts.

An axis-aligned rectangle.

UI state. This is what’s used for laying out groups and drawing to the screen.

A two-dimensional vector.


Horizontal alignment position.

Vertical alignment position.

Group layout type. This defines how subgroups are arranged inside of a group.

The type of line cap to use when rendering.


Convenience const for (Center, Middle) alignment.


The renderer trait, used for all things drawing-related.


Shorthand for Point::new(x, y), which is equivalent to Vector::new(x, y).

Creates a new color from RGB channels.

Creates a new color from RGBA channels. Shorthand for Color::new(r, g, b, a).

Shorthand for Vector::new(x, y).

Type Definitions

Alignment type. This is used in ui.align(alignment) and text rendering.

Alias for vectors, used to better state intent in certain places.