Trait path_glob::Glob [] [src]

pub trait Glob {
    fn glob_with(
        pattern: &str,
        options: &MatchOptions
    ) -> Result<Paths, PatternError>; fn glob(&self, pattern: &str) -> Result<Paths, PatternError> { ... } fn rglob_with(
        pattern: &str,
        options: &MatchOptions
    ) -> Result<Paths, PatternError> { ... } fn rglob(&self, pattern: &str) -> Result<Paths, PatternError> { ... } }

A trait providing glob methods.

The idea is “glob starting from here”

Required Methods

Glob here with explicit options

Provided Methods

Glob here with default options

Glob inside of here with explicit options (<here>/**/<pattern>)

Glob inside of here with default options (<here>/**/<pattern>)