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pash library is a part of pash cli tool. It is a simple-to-use tool for generating and storing passwords


If you are using pash for first time, run pash --init in your shell. This will generate necessary files. if you wish to create new password, run pash create. You can specify category using -c or --category flag (pash create yt -c social)


Your passwords and config are stored at $HOME/.config/pash (on linux) or %APPDATA%/pash (on windows).

example config:

lowercase = true # include lowercase characters
uppercase = true
symbols = true
numbers = false # exclude numbers
begin_with_letter = false # random first character
length = 10
category = "different" # default category

WARNING: passwords won’t generate if you leave length = 0.



Clap’s CLI interface interaction


This module deals with creating files and editing them.


Password generator