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This file defines an enumeration that accounts for the different ways games handle basic mechanics that can't be compartmentalized into units or weapons. For example, different games use different level-up systems, different hit rate systems, and different critical damage calculations. The hit rate systems are dealt with by the rng module but encapsulated here as well.


The data types required to work with randomness in Fire Emblem.


This is a simple calculator that avoids the full complexity of the FE games (lifesteal, abilities, held items, personal weapons, etc.) to focus on the stats as they appear in all FE games, providing basic survival probabilities.


Represents a unit in Fire Emblem with the associated stats such units have. Because different Fire Emblem games have different stats and they mean different things, this is a trait that has to be implemented specifically for different games.


This file defines a unified way of dealing with different weapons and held items.