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This crate contains the official Native Rust implementation of Apache Parquet, part of the Apache Arrow project.

Please see the parquet page for feature flags and tips to improve performance.

Getting Started

Start with some examples:

  1. file for reading and writing parquet files using the ColumnReader API.

  2. arrow for reading and writing parquet files to Arrow RecordBatches

  3. arrow::async_reader and arrow::async_writer for async reading and writing parquet files to Arrow RecordBatches (requires the async feature).


  • Provides API for reading/writing Arrow RecordBatches and Arrays to/from Parquet Files.
  • Contains Rust mappings for Thrift definition. Refer to parquet.thrift file to see raw definitions.
  • Bloom filter implementation specific to Parquet, as described in the spec.
  • Low level column reader and writer APIs.
  • Data types that connect Parquet physical types with their Rust-specific representations.
  • Common Parquet errors and macros.
  • Main entrypoint for working with Parquet API.
  • Automatically generated code for reading parquet thrift definition.
  • Contains record-based API for reading Parquet files.
  • Parquet schema definitions and methods to print and parse schema.