Bloom filter header is stored at beginning of Bloom filter data of each column and followed by its bitset.

Enum to annotate whether lists of min/max elements inside ColumnIndex are ordered and if so, in which direction.

Embedded BSON logical type annotation

Description for ColumnIndex. Each [i] refers to the page at OffsetIndex.page_locations[i]

Description for column metadata

Supported compression algorithms.

DEPRECATED: Common types used by frameworks(e.g. hive, pig) using parquet. ConvertedType is superseded by LogicalType. This enum should not be extended.

Data page header

New page format allowing reading levels without decompressing the data Repetition and definition levels are uncompressed The remaining section containing the data is compressed if is_compressed is true

Decimal logical type annotation

The dictionary page must be placed at the first position of the column chunk if it is partly or completely dictionary encoded. At most one dictionary page can be placed in a column chunk.

Encodings supported by Parquet. Not all encodings are valid for all types. These enums are also used to specify the encoding of definition and repetition levels. See the accompanying doc for the details of the more complicated encodings.

Representation of Schemas

Crypto metadata for files with encrypted footer *

Description for file metadata

Integer logical type annotation

Embedded JSON logical type annotation

Wrapper struct to store key values

Time units for logical types

Logical type to annotate a column that is always null.

statistics of a given page type and encoding

Represents a element inside a schema definition.

Wrapper struct to specify sort order

Block-based algorithm type annotation. *

Statistics per row group and per page All fields are optional.

Empty structs to use as logical type annotations

Time logical type annotation

Timestamp logical type annotation

Types supported by Parquet. These types are intended to be used in combination with the encodings to control the on disk storage format. For example INT16 is not included as a type since a good encoding of INT32 would handle this.

Empty struct to signal the order defined by the physical or logical type

The compression used in the Bloom filter.

Hash strategy type annotation. xxHash is an extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm. It uses 64 bits version of xxHash.