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Main module of this crate


pub use grammar::Cfg;
pub use grammar::Pos;
pub use grammar::Pr;
pub use grammar::Rhs;
pub use grammar::Symbol;
pub use grammar::SymbolAttribute;
pub use grammar::Terminal;
pub use grammar::TerminalKind;
pub use analysis::calculate_lookahead_dfas;
pub use analysis::CompiledTerminal;
pub use analysis::KTuple;
pub use analysis::KTuples;
pub use conversions::render_dfa_dot_string;
pub use conversions::render_nt_dot_string;
pub use conversions::render_par_string;
pub use generators::check_and_transform_grammar;
pub use generators::generate_lexer_source;
pub use generators::generate_parser_source;
pub use generators::try_format;
pub use generators::GrammarConfig;
pub use generators::LanguageGenerator;
pub use generators::ScannerConfig;
pub use generators::UserTraitGenerator;
pub use parser::parse;
pub use parser::ParolGrammar;
pub use transformation::left_factor;


Module with functionalities for grammar analysis
Allows programmatically invoking parol from a script
Module with functionalities for grammar conversion
Module with functionalities for lexer and parser generation
Basic grammar data structures and algorithms
Module with parol’s parser for input grammars
Module with functionalities for grammar transformation


Internal lookahead limit


Utility function for generating tree layouts
Utility function to parse a file with a grammar in PAR syntax.
Utility function to parse a text with a grammar in PAR syntax.