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Lightweight, event-driven WebSockets for Rust.


The util module rexports some tools from mio in order to facilitate handling timeouts.


Utility for constructing a WebSocket from various settings.

A struct indicating the kind of error that has occurred and any precise details of that error.

A struct representing a WebSocket frame.

A struct representing the two halves of the WebSocket handshake.

The handshake request.

The handshake response.

A representation of the output of the WebSocket connection. Use this to send messages to the other endpoint.

WebSocket settings

The WebSocket struct. A WebSocket can support multiple incoming and outgoing connections.


Status code used to indicate why an endpoint is closing the WebSocket connection.

The type of an error, which may indicate other kinds of errors as the underlying cause.

An enum representing the various forms of a WebSocket message.

Operation codes as part of rfc6455.


A trait for creating new WebSocket handlers.

The core trait of this library. Implementing this trait provides the business logic of the WebSocket application.


A utility function for setting up a WebSocket client.

A utility function for setting up a WebSocket server.

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