Module paris::formatter

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A wrapper around a few functions to make finding and replacing keys inside a string easier.


  • Escape whatever’s being sent in here to an ansi code
  • Heavier formatter that allows the possibility of custom styles in strings. That is the only reason this struct exists, if you don’t need custom things just use the colorize_string() function provided in the module.


  • Contains definitions for icons that can be used in the terminal. See this github repo for an entire list. Use this in combination with printing macros.


  • Finds all keys in the given input. Keys meaning whatever the logger uses. Something that looks like <key>. And replaces all those keys with their color, style or icon equivalent.
  • Finds all keys in the given input. If with_colors is true, it will replace all keys with their respective ANSI color code. Otherwise it will only replace the keys with an empty string.