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Reference-counted pointers that contain projections of data stored in std::sync::Arc or std::rc::Rc. This is a “self-referential” type in the vein of ouroboros or yoke.

This crate specializes to only supporting Arc and Rc and only references to fields obtainable from them, which allows it to provide a much simpler API compared to general self-referential crates.

Parc can be useful in situations where we want to expose only a part of data stored in a reference-counted pointer while still retaining the same shared ownership of that data. We project a field from our stored data to store in Parc, allowing us to only expose that data to the receiver.


use std::sync::Arc;
use pared::sync::Parc;

fn accepts_parc(parc: Parc<u8>) {}

// Parc can be created by projecting references from an Arc
let from_tuple = Parc::from_arc(&Arc::new((16usize, 8u8)), |tuple| &tuple.1);
// Or by using any T: Into<Arc<_>>
let from_u8: Parc<_> = Parc::new(8u8);

// Functions accept any Parc<T>, regardless of which Arc<U> it was created from
if (true) {
} else {


  • Projected reference-counted pointers.
  • Projected atomic reference-counted pointers.