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When fetching a file from a web server via GET, it is possible to define a range of bytes to receive per request. This allows the possibility of using multiple GET requests on the same URL to increase the throughput of a transfer for that file. Once the parts have been fetched, they are concatenated into a single file.

Therefore, this crate will make it trivial to set up a parallel GET request, with an API that provides a configurable number of threads and an optional callback to monitor the progress of a transfer.


extern crate parallel_getter;

use parallel_getter::ParallelGetter;
use std::fs::File;

fn main() {
    let url = "\
    let mut file = File::create("atom_1.31.1_amd64.deb").unwrap();
    let result = ParallelGetter::new(url, &mut file)
        .callback(1000, Box::new(|p, t| {
                "{} of {} KiB downloaded",
                p / 1024,
                t / 1024);

    if let Err(why) = result {
        eprintln!("errored: {}", why);



Type for constructing parallel GET requests.