[][src]Crate par_array_init

The par_array_init crate allows you to initialize arrays with an initializer closure that will be called in parallel to fill the array.

This crate mirrors the api of crate (array-init)[https://crates.io/crates/array-init] with the caveat that initialization is performed in parallel. An important departure from array-init, initialization order is not deterministic and should not be relied on.

Parallelization is achieved using (rayon)[https://https://crates.io/crates/rayon] and it's ParallelIterator api.


// Initialize an array of length 10 containing successive squares
let arr: [usize; 50] = par_array_init::par_array_init(|i| i * i);

// Initialize an array from an iterator producing an array filled with 34's
let mut iter = rayon::iter::repeat(34u32).take(50);
let arr: Option<[u32; 50]> = par_array_init::from_par_iter(iter);



Extension of array_init::IsArray that includes method to convert the array to a mutable slice. &mut [T] implements parallel iterator so this allows us to write our elements in parallel without having to explicitly pass a *mut T across threads.



Initialize an array given a parallel iterator.


Initialize an array given a function from index to element