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The Pantry is useful for temporarily storing for later use values that might "decay" (become unusable) over time.

Create a Pantry value and use its store function to store values for later use. A key is provided along with the value, so that the value can be retrieved later using the same key. A worker thread is spawned which monitors the values and automatically drops any which have "decayed". Values must implement the Perishable trait, whose perished function asynchronously completes once the value has decayed.

Use the fetch asynchronous function on the Pantry with a key to retrieve a value previously stored using that key. A value is only returned if it was stored using the same key and has not decayed since it was stored.

Multiple values may have the same key, with the caveat that the values stored under a given key may not be returned in the same order in which they were stored.



Each value of this type maintains a collection of stored values that might "decay" or become unusable over time. Values are added to the collection by calling store and providing the value along with a key that can be used to retrieve the value later. Values added to the collection are monitored by a worker thread and dropped if the futures returned by their perished functions complete.



This is the trait that values must implement in order to be stored in the Pantry. Note that since the trait has an asynchronous method, currently the async_trait attribute from the async-trait crate must be added to implementations.