Crate panic_rtt_target[][src]

Logs panic messages over RTT. A companion crate for rtt-target.

RTT must have been initialized by using one of the rtt_init macros. Otherwise you will get a linker error at compile time.

Panics are always logged on channel 0. Upon panicking the channel mode is also automatically set to BlockIfFull, so that the full message will always be logged. If the code somehow manages to panic at runtime before RTT is initialized (quite unlikely), or if channel 0 doesn’t exist, nothing is logged.

A platform feature such as cortex-m is required to use this crate.



panic-rtt-target = { version = "x.y.z", features = ["cortex-m"] }


use panic_rtt_target as _;
use rtt_target::rtt_init_default;

fn main() -> ! {
    // you can use any init macro as long as it creates channel 0

    panic!("Something has gone terribly wrong");