[][src]Crate panic_abort

Set the panicking behavior to abort

This crate contains an implementation of panic_fmt that simply calls intrinsics::abort.


As of Rust 1.38.0, intrinsics::abort lowers to a trap instruction on most architectures; on some architectures it simply lowers to call to the abort function (unmangled name). The exact behavior of intrinsics::abort is architecture and system dependent.

On bare-metal (no OS) systems the trap instruction usually causes a hardware exception to be raised in a synchronous fashion -- hardware exceptions have nothing to do with C++ exceptions and are closer in semantics to POSIX signals (see man 7 signals on UNIX-y systems).

On hosted applications (applications running under an OS), the trap instruction usually terminates the whole process with an exit code that corresponds to SIGILL unless a signal handler that handles this particular signal was registered (again, see man 7 signals on UNIX-y systems).

HEADS UP Because intrinsics::abort is an unstable API its semantics could change in any new Rust release (minor or patch release).


This example is not tested

extern crate panic_abort;

fn main() {
    panic!("argument is ignored");