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Pancake Stack

This is a Rust implementation of the Pancake Stack esoteric programming language. This crate includes a parser and an interpreter.

Pancake Stack is a stack-based esoteric programming language created by User JWinslow23 in 2013, in which programs require you to manipulate a stack of pancakes.

Basic Usage

A program can be parsed with pancakestack::parse_program_str and run with pancakestack::run_program.

// load program from file
let mut file = File::open("example.pancake").unwrap();
let mut program_str = String::new();
file.read_to_string(&mut program_str).unwrap();

// parse the program
let program = pancakestack::parse_program_str(&program_str);

// run the program
pancakestack::run_program(&program, std::io::stdin(), std::io::stdout()).unwrap();

Alternatively you can run a program from a str or a Read with pancakestack::run_program_str and pancakestack::run_program_from_read respectively.

// load script file
let mut file = File::open("example.pancake").unwrap();

// write program into string
let mut program = String::new();
file.read_to_string(&mut program).unwrap();

pancakestack::run_program_str(&program, std::io::stdin(), std::io::stdout()).unwrap();
// open script file
let mut file = File::open("example.pancake").unwrap();

// run the script directly from the file
pancakestack::run_program_from_read(file, std::io::stdin(), std::io::stdout()).unwrap();

All pancakestack::run_*methods accept a Read as the input of the script and a Write as the output.

The examples until now used stdin() and stdout(), but it is possible to use anything implementing Read and Write respectively. The following example shows the use of strings as input and output:

let file = File::open("example.pancake").unwrap();
let input = b"some input";
let mut output_buf = Vec::new();
pancakestack::run_program_from_read(file, &input[..], &mut output_buf).unwrap();
let output = std::str::from_utf8(&output_buf).unwrap();

Construct programs

A program can be parsed from a str with pancakestack::run_program_str. A single line (=command) can be parsed with BorrowedCommand::from_line.

Parsed programs are slices of BorrowedCommands and can be run with pancakestack::run_program.

use pancakestack::BorrowedCommand;

let program = [
pancakestack::run_program(&program, std::io::stdin(), std::io::stdout()).unwrap();


pub use interpret::*;
pub use parse::*;