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An opinionated web framework to build modular Server-Side Rendering web solutions.

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The PageTop core API provides a comprehensive toolkit for extending its functionalities to specific requirements and application scenarios through actions, components, packages, and themes:

  • Actions serve as a mechanism to customize PageTop’s internal behavior by intercepting its execution flow.
  • Components encapsulate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into functional, configurable, and well-defined units.
  • Packages extend or customize existing functionality by interacting with PageTop APIs or third-party package APIs.
  • Themes enable developers to alter the appearance of pages and components without affecting their functionality.

§⚡️ Quick start

use pagetop::prelude::*;

struct HelloWorld;

impl PackageTrait for HelloWorld {
    fn configure_service(&self, scfg: &mut service::web::ServiceConfig) {
        scfg.route("/", service::web::get().to(hello_world));

async fn hello_world(request: HttpRequest) -> ResultPage<Markup, ErrorPage> {
        .with_component(Html::with(html! { h1 { "Hello World!" } }))

async fn main() -> std::io::Result<()> {

This program implements a package named HelloWorld with one service that returns a web page that greets the world whenever it is accessed from the browser at http://localhost:8088 (using the default configuration settings). You can find this code in the PageTop examples repository.

§🧩 Dependency Management

Projects leveraging PageTop will use cargo to resolve dependencies, similar to any other Rust project.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial that each package explicitly declares its dependencies, if any, to assist PageTop in structuring and initializing the application in a modular fashion.

§🚧 Warning

PageTop framework is currently in active development. The API is unstable and subject to frequent changes. Production use is not recommended until version 0.1.0.


  • Prepare and run an application created with Pagetop.
  • Base actions, components, packages, and themes.
  • Retrieve and apply settings values from configuration files.
  • Key types and functions for creating actions, components, packages, and themes.
  • ISO 8601 date and time handling (chrono).
  • dbdatabase
    Database access.
  • HTML in code.
  • Localization (L10n).
  • The PageTop Prelude.
  • Web request response variants.
  • Essential web framework (actix-web).
  • Application tracing and event logging.
  • Functions and macro helpers.



  • A value which is initialized on the first access.
  • Static files resource.
  • A TypeId represents a globally unique identifier for a type.

Type Aliases§

Attribute Macros§

  • Marks async main function as the PageTop entry-point.
  • Marks async test functions to use the PageTop entry-point.

Derive Macros§