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The pact_verifier crate provides the core logic to performing verification of providers. It implements the V3 ( and V4 Pact specification (


pub use callback_executors::NullRequestFilterExecutor;
pub use crate::pact_broker::ConsumerVersionSelector;
pub use crate::pact_broker::PactsForVerificationRequest;


Executor abstraction for executing callbacks to user code (request filters, provider state change callbacks)

Structs and functions for interacting with a Pact Broker

Module to deal with consumer version selectors


Information about the Provider to verify

/// Result of verifying a Pact interaction

Options to use when running the verification

Result of verifying a Pact


Filter information used to filter the interactions that are verified

Result of performing a match

Source for loading pacts


Internal function, public for testing purposes

Verify the provider with the given pact sources.

Verify the provider with the given pact sources (async version)