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A crate exposing the pact_matching API to other languages via a C Foreign Function Interface.


Tools for FFI error reporting and handling.

Sets up a log sink to view logs from the FFI.

Represents messages in pact_matching.


Get a mutable reference from a raw pointer

Get an immutable reference from a raw pointer

Construct a CStr safely with null checks.

Construct a &str safely with null checks.


A collection of mismatches from a matching comparison.

An iterator over mismatches.


Enum that defines the different types of mismatches that can occur.


Match a pair of messages, producing a collection of mismatches, which is empty if the two messages matched.

Get an ANSI-compatible description of a mismatch.

Get a description of a mismatch.

Get a summary of a mismatch.

Get a JSON representation of the mismatch.

Get the type of a mismatch.

Delete mismatches

Get an iterator over mismatches.

Delete a mismatches iterator when you’re done with it.

Get the next mismatch from a mismatches iterator.