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A bunch of utilities for the packxel project.


use packxel_utils::initializer::Initializer;

let version = env!("CARGO_PKG_VERSION");
// creates the config and log directories.
let initializer = Initializer::init("package-name", version);
// the above would create $HOME/.config/package-name
// and logs at $HOME/.config/package-name/logs


// The use log crate from rust-lang
// Writes to $HOME/.config/package-name/logs/packxel.log
// where `package-name` is
log::debug!("Hello World!");
// Run with RUST_LOG=debug cargo run


  • This is the main library for the packxel-utils crate. It contains the Initializer struct which is used to initialize This should be called before any program is initialized.
  • logginglogging
    An optional logging module for the packxel-utils crate. This should be called after the initializer is initialized. Logging module for Packxel