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This library provides all tools required to write a client for the p2panda network. It is shipped both as a Rust crate p2panda-rs with WebAssembly bindings and a NPM package p2panda-js with TypeScript definitions running in NodeJS or any modern web browser.


Creates and signs data which can be sent to a p2panda node.

// Generate new Ed25519 key pair
let key_pair = KeyPair::new();

// Add field data to "create" operation
let operation = OperationBuilder::new(&profile_schema_id)
    .fields(&[("username", "panda".into())])

// Encode operation into bytes
let encoded_operation = encode_operation(&operation)?;

// Create Bamboo entry (append-only log data type) with operation as payload
let entry = EntryBuilder::new()
    .sign(&encoded_operation, &key_pair)?;

// Encode entry into bytes
let encoded_entry = encode_entry(&entry)?;

println!("{} {}", encoded_entry, encoded_operation);


  • Common validation and API methods following the p2panda specification.
  • High-level datatype representing data published to the p2panda network as key-value pairs.
  • Create, sign, encode and decode Bamboo entries.
  • Generic structs which can be used for building a graph structure and sorting it’s nodes in a topological depth-first manner.
  • Hash type of p2panda using BLAKE3 algorithm wrapped in YASMF “Yet-Another-Smol-Multi-Format”.
  • Generates and maintains Ed25519 key pairs with the secret and public (PublicKey) counterparts.
  • Create, encode and decode p2panda operations.
  • Schemas describe the format of data used in operation fields.
  • Create and moderate large secret groups to maintain key material for secure messaging.
  • Commonly used functions for serialization and deserialization of values.
  • Storage provider traits needed for implementing custom p2panda storage solutions.


  • Trait used by p2panda structs for human-facing functionality, like better readability.
  • Trait used by p2panda structs to validate data formats.
  • Trait used by p2panda structs which contain at least one id.