[][src]Crate oysterpack_app_metadata

Defines the application metadata domain model.

It is meant to be used in conjunction with oysterpack_built. oysterpack_built generates the application build metadata source file. This crate is used to load the application build netadata via the op_build_mod macro.

Application Build Metadata Domain Model



pub use metadata::Build;
pub use metadata::BuildProfile;
pub use metadata::Compilation;
pub use metadata::CompileOptLevel;
pub use metadata::ContinuousIntegrationPlatform;
pub use metadata::Endian;
pub use metadata::GitVersion;
pub use metadata::Package;
pub use metadata::PackageId;
pub use metadata::PointerWidth;
pub use metadata::RustcVersion;
pub use metadata::Target;
pub use metadata::TargetArchitecture;
pub use metadata::TargetEnv;
pub use metadata::TargetOperatingSystem;
pub use metadata::TargetTriple;



Application build metadata domain model