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Overlord Consensus Protocol is a Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) consensus algorithm aiming to support thousands of transactions per second under hundreds of consensus nodes, with transaction delays of no more than a few seconds. Simply put, it is a high-performance consensus algorithm able to meets most of the real business needs.


pub use self::overlord::Overlord;
pub use self::overlord::OverlordHandler;


Overlord error module.

Create and run the overlord consensus process.

serialize Bytes in hex format

Message types using in the overlord consensus protocol.


The setting of the timeout interval of each step.

Structure of Wal Info


Trait for doing serialize and deserialize.

Trait for some functions that consensus needs.

Trait for some crypto methods.

Trait for save and load wal information.


Give the validators list and bitmap, returns the activated validators, the authority list MUST be sorted

Get the leader address of the height and the round, the authority list MUST be sorted.

Type Definitions

Overlord consensus result.