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Representation and parsing for osu! binary formats: beatmap listing, collections, replays and scores.

A note on strings

The osu .db file format allows for strings to be absent. This notably happens with the unicode versions of titles and authors. For this reason all of the parsed strings are expressed as Option<String> instead of a simple String. You can default to an empty string by using string.unwrap_or_default(), which does no allocations and is very cheap.

A note on features and replays

By default, replay data will be decompressed and parsed, using the xz2 dependency. To disable this behaviour and remove the dependency on xz2, disable the compression feature:

osu-db = { version = "*", default-features = false }

When compression is disabled, the Replay::replay_data field will always be None, and will be ignored when writing. In any case, the Replay::raw_replay_data field is always available.

A note on future-proofness

Osu .db formats are used internally by osu!, and are not intended to be shared. There does not seem to be any public contract on breaking changes, and breaking changes already occured twice (in 2014 and 2019), so this library might not work with future versions of osu!.

It is currently guaranteed to work on osu! .db versions up to at least 20211103. The current implementation might work for a long time, or break tomorrow.


pub use crate::collection::CollectionList;
pub use crate::listing::Listing;
pub use crate::replay::Replay;
pub use crate::score::ScoreList;


Parsing for the collection.db file, containing all user collections.

Parsing for the osu!.db file, containing cached information about the beatmap listing.

Parsing for replay and score files, which are very similar.

Parsing for the scores.db osu file, which contains partial replay data locally.


A combination of Mods.


A single osu! mod.

An osu! gamemode.