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Rust bindings for libostree

libostree is both a shared library and suite of command line tools that combines a “git-like” model for committing and downloading bootable filesystem trees, along with a layer for deploying them and managing the bootloader configuration.


pub use ffi;
pub use gio;
pub use glib;


Prelude, intended for glob imports.


A binary SHA256 checksum.

Parsed representation of directory metadata.

Kernel arguments.

Details of an object in an OSTree repo. It contains information about if the object is “loose”, and contains a list of pack file checksums in which this object appears.

A reference to an object in an OSTree repo. It contains both a checksum and an ObjectType which together identify an object in a repository.

Options for checking out an OSTree commit.

A filter callback to decide which files to checkout from a Repo. The function is called for every directory and file in the dirtree.

A list of statistics for each transaction that may be interesting for reporting purposes.

Builder object for Sysroot.

Options for deploying an ostree commit.

Options for writing a deployment.

An open transaction in the repository.



Useful with Repo::open_at().



Type Definitions

The type of a commit object: (a{sv}aya(say)sstayay)

The type of a directory metadata object: (uuua(ayay))

The type of a dirtree object: (a(say)a(sayay))