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A library to handle OpenSSH key and other common SSH key

The main function of this library is to read, write different formats of SSH keys. Also, it provide the ability to generate a key, sign and verify data.

Format Planning to Support

  • Public Key
    • PEM
    • OpenSSH
  • Private Key
    • PEM
    • OpenSSH v2
    • PuTTY

Supported Key Type

  • DSA
  • RSA
  • EcDSA
  • Ed25519

Cargo Features

  • openssl-cipher: [default] Using OpenSSL as symmetric cipher
  • rustcrypto-cipher: Using RustCrypto as symmetric cipher
    • Choicing this does not remove the openssl dependency, since many places still require to use OpenSSL.
  • openssl-vendored: Build with openssl/vendored feature


use osshkeys::{KeyPair, KeyType, Key as _, PublicParts as _, PrivateParts as _};
use osshkeys::keys::FingerprintHash;

let keyfile = std::fs::read_to_string("assets/openssh_ed25519_enc").unwrap();
let keypair = KeyPair::from_keystr(&keyfile, Some("12345678")).unwrap();

// Get the public key
let publickey = keypair.clone_public_key().unwrap();

// Get the key type
assert_eq!(keypair.keytype(), KeyType::ED25519);

// Get the fingerprint
assert_eq!(keypair.fingerprint(FingerprintHash::MD5).unwrap(), hex!("d29552b0c87d7ff1acb3c2229e783321"));

// Sign some data
const SOME_DATA: &[u8] = b"8Kn9PPQV";
let sign = keypair.sign(SOME_DATA).unwrap();

assert_eq!(sign.as_slice(), hex!("7206f04ef062ec35f8fb9f9e8a17ec023070ecf5f6e1021ea2af73137b1b832bba08766e5ad95fdca81af37b27898428f9a7dbeb044dd550afeb46efb94fe808").as_ref());
assert!(publickey.verify(SOME_DATA, &sign).unwrap());



  • Containing the encrypt/decrypt algorithm
  • Containing the error type of this crate
  • Representing different types of public/private keys
  • Extension to read/write ssh data type representations defined in RFC 4251