[][src]Crate os_units

This crate provides a data structure for byte size. With x86_64 crate, you can easily convert the size of physical memory pages into bytes, and bytes into the number of physical memory pages.

Currently, this crate only supports Rust nightly version because of using const_fn feature.


use os_units::Bytes;
use x86_64::structures::paging::{PageSize, Size4KiB};

let bytes_of_kernel = Bytes::new(314159);
let pages_of_kernel = bytes_of_kernel.as_num_of_pages::<Size4KiB>();
assert_eq!(pages_of_kernel.as_usize(), 77);

let bytes_of_pages = pages_of_kernel.as_bytes();
assert_eq!(bytes_of_pages.as_usize(), 315392);



A struct representing byte size.


A struct representing the number of pages.