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Handles helper utilities and global methods.



The OrbTk way to handle angles

Describes a border of a shape with border brush, thickness and radius.

Used to build a border, specifying additional details.

A r g b a color.

Constraint describes the constraints properties of a box entity.

Used to capture constraint properties.

Size with width, height and dirty flag. If the dirty flag is true, layout tasks will handle this objects in its arrange and measure tasks.

Describes a colorful gradient.

Describes a position on a colorful gradient.

Describes a position on a line

Describes a position on a plane

A Point is specified by a x coordinate and an y coordinate.

A Rectangle is normally expressed as a top-left corner and a size

A Size specified by width and height.

A UTF-16 encoded, growable string.

Used to describes a thickness e.g a border thickness.

Wraps a ron value and is used to support conversion to different types.


Used to align a widget vertical or horizontal.

A Brush defines the fill pattern of shapes. The syntax allows to express fill patterns in several ways:

This object represents an expression used to define something. E.g. brushes are defined using an expression in there themes definition.

Used to filter stuff such as the on_changed callback.

Describes the kind of a gradient.

Describes the coordinates of a colorful linear gradient.

Valid number types (64bit)

This only is used to communicate the kind of OnLinePos we are using

Is used to control the orientation of the Stack.

Describes the relative position of the object.

Represents a selection mode.

Used to align a text.

Text baseline being used when drawing text

Is used to control the visibility of a widget


Contains a set of getters and setters to read and write to a border.


Compares two f32 values.

Compares two f64 values.