[][src]Struct optlib::genetic::pre_birth::vec_float::CheckChromoInterval

pub struct CheckChromoInterval<G: Float> { /* fields omitted */ }

Kill individuals if theirs gene does not lie in the specified intevals.

G - type of gene. Returns count of the killed individuals.


impl<G: Float> CheckChromoInterval<G>[src]

pub fn new(intervals: Vec<(G, G)>) -> Self[src]



  • intervals - allowed interval for every gene. Count of the genes and count of the interval must be equal.

Trait Implementations

impl<G: Float> PreBirth<Vec<G>> for CheckChromoInterval<G>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<G> Send for CheckChromoInterval<G> where
    G: Send

impl<G> Sync for CheckChromoInterval<G> where
    G: Sync

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