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Get An API Key

To obtain an API key, go to https://openweathermap.org/home/sign_in to sign in or create an account. Once logged in, select your user name from the top-right menu bar and then My API Keys. Use the Create key form to create a new key.

Example #1

use openweathermap_client::models::{City, UnitSystem};
use openweathermap_client::{error::ClientError, Client, ClientOptions};

/// Gets the temperature in °C and description of the weather in Paris right now
#[tokio::main(flavor = "current_thread")]
async fn main() -> Result<(), ClientError> {
    let options = ClientOptions {
        units: UnitSystem::Metric,
        language: "fr".to_string(),
        ..ClientOptions::default() // loads API_KEY env var
    let client = Client::new(options)?;
    let reading = client.fetch_weather(&City::new("Paris", "FR")).await?;

        "The temperature and weather in France in French is {}, {}",
        reading.main.temp, reading.weather[0].description

Example #2

use openweathermap_client::models::{City, CityId, Coord};
use openweathermap_client::{error::ClientError, Client, ClientOptions, Query};

#[tokio::main(flavor = "current_thread")]
async fn main() -> Result<(), ClientError> {
    // reuse a client for several readings (must be run in an async context)
    let client = Client::new(ClientOptions::default())?; // loads API_KEY env var

    let v: Vec<Box<dyn Query>> = vec![
        Box::new(City::new("Lages", "BR")),
        Box::new(Coord::new(61.1595054, -45.4409551)),

    for query in v {
        let weather = client.fetch_weather(query.as_ref()).await?;
        println!("The weather for {} is {:?}", query, weather);




  • Abstraction of a query against the OpenWeatherMap API.