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openssh sftp client, implements sftp v3 accodring to openssh-portable/sftp-client.c and provides an easy-to-use highlevel API.

All async functions in this module are cancel safe.

Internally, this is archived by first writing requests into a write buffer containing bytes::Bytes and then flush all buffers at once periodically to archive cancel safety and improve efficiencies.

However, cancelling the future does not actually has any effect, since the requests are sent regardless of the cancellation.

Thus, if you cancel a future that changes the remote filesystem in any way, then the change would still happen regardless.


It is recommended that you use this crate with openssh.

You can also use this crate directly by using whatever ssh library to launch the sftp subsystem, then pass the stdin/stdout to Sftp::new.


This crate support the following extensions:

  • limits
  • expand path
  • fsync
  • hardlink
  • posix rename
  • copy data



  • Changelog for this crate.
  • Module contains types for manipulating files.
  • Module contains types for manipulating directories.
  • Module contains types for manipulating metadata of files or directories.