Module openslide::bindings

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This module contains the bindings of the OpenSlide library and its rust wrappers.

The api of the wrappers should be consistent with the C API of OpenSlide

For a more rust convenient api, use the OpenSlide struct.


Dummy type for the openslide_t type in OpenSlide


Close an OpenSlide object.
Quickly determine whether a whole slide image is recognized.
Get the best level to use for displaying the given downsample.
Get the dimensions of level 0 (the largest level).
Get the number of levels in the whole slide image.
Get the dimensions of a level.
Get the downsampling factor of a given level.
Get the NULL-terminated array of property names.
Get the value of a single property.
Open a whole slide image.
Copy pre-multiplied ARGB data from a whole slide image.