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openrr: Open Rust Robotics

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For developers and future users

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OpenRR (pronounced like “opener”) is Open Rust Robotics platform.

It’s heavily under development.

Supported Platforms

Linux (Ubuntu)
  • You can use ROS without ROS installation on Linux/MacOS.
  • ROS2 Support is experimental. See arci-ros2 for details.



sudo apt install cmake build-essential libudev-dev xorg-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libasound2-dev libxkbcommon-dev
  • cmake build-essential (openrr-planner (assimp-sys))
  • libudev-dev (arci-gamepad-gilrs)
  • xorg-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libxkbcommon-dev (openrr-gui (egui))
  • libasound2-dev (arci-speak-audio)



arci is a hardware abstraction layer for openrr. Currently ROS1 and urdf-viz (as a static simulator (actually it’s just a viewer)) are implemented.

You can write platform/hardware independent code if you use arci traits.

What is OpenRR?

OpenRR contains..

  • abstract robot interfaces (arci)
  • concrete implementation of the interfaces (arci-ros, arci-urdf-viz, …)
  • library which uses the interfaces (openrr-client, …)
  • tools (openrr-apps)
  • pure libraries nothing to do with arci (openrr-planner, …)


Currently we have some tools to control real/sim robots.

See openrr-apps for details.


Inspired by joint_state_publisher_gui


You can use this GUI not only for ROS but anything if you implement arci::JointTrajectoryClient and write a small binary main function.


General CLI to access arci robot clients. It supports not only sending joint trajectory directly but it supports inverse kinematics with self-collision check, and navigation.


To format use nightly rustfmt,

cargo +nightly fmt


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

  • k : kinematics library
  • ros-nalgebra : rosrust nalgebra converter generator
  • rrt : RRT-dual-connect path planner
  • trajectory : trajectory interpolator
  • urdf-rs : URDF parser
  • urdf-viz: URDF visualizer
  • gear : (deprecated) motion planning library, but it is openrr-planner now.

Why OpenRR?

We strongly believe that Rust is the future of robotics. OpenRR is the world first robotics platform which is made by Rust, made for Rust. It can be a reference, a base for the future robotic people, like us.


We appreciate for your any contributions! Create an issue at first!

Here is a discord server.

Using OpenRR

You can read the tutorial books at the following links.