Function openrr_config::overwrite

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pub fn overwrite(doc: &mut Value, scripts: &str) -> Result<()>
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Replaces the contents of the specified TOML document based on the specified scripts.

You can specify multiple scripts at once (newline-separated or semicolon-separated). Empty scripts, and leading and trailing separators will be ignored.

Set operation


<key> = <value>
  • If the specified key or array index exists, replace its value.
  • If the specified key does not exist, create the specified key and value.
  • If the specified array index does not exist, append the specified value to the array.
  • If the intermediate data structures do not exist, create them.

Delete operation


<key> =
  • Deletes the specified key and its value or specified array element.
  • If the specified key or array index does not exist, it will be ignored.