pub trait RaftTypeConfig: Sized + Send + Sync + Debug + Clone + Copy + Default + Eq + PartialEq + Ord + PartialOrd + 'static {
    type D: AppData;
    type R: AppDataResponse;
    type NodeId: NodeId;
    type Node: Node;
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Configuration of types used by the Raft core engine.

The (empty) implementation structure defines request/response types, node ID type and the like. Refer to the documentation of associated types for more information.


Since Rust cannot automatically infer traits for various inner types using this config type as a parameter, this trait simply uses all the traits required for various types as its supertraits as a workaround. To ease the declaration, the macro declare_raft_types is provided, which can be used to declare the type easily.


   /// Declare the type configuration for `MemStore`.
   pub Config: D = ClientRequest, R = ClientResponse, NodeId = MemNodeId

Required Associated Types§


type D: AppData

Application-specific request data passed to the state machine.


type R: AppDataResponse

Application-specific response data returned by the state machine.


type NodeId: NodeId

A Raft node’s ID.


type Node: Node

Raft application level node data