pub fn make_resize<TA, MI, MO>(
    input_domain: VectorDomain<AtomDomain<TA>>,
    input_metric: MI,
    size: usize,
    constant: TA
) -> Fallible<Transformation<VectorDomain<AtomDomain<TA>>, VectorDomain<AtomDomain<TA>>, MI, MO>>where
    TA: 'static + Clone + CheckAtom,
    MI: IsMetricOrdered<Distance = IntDistance>,
    MO: IsMetricOrdered<Distance = IntDistance>,
    (VectorDomain<AtomDomain<TA>>, MI): MetricSpace,
    (VectorDomain<AtomDomain<TA>>, MO): MetricSpace,
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Make a Transformation that either truncates or imputes records with constant to match a provided size.


  • input_domain - Domain of input data.
  • input_metric - Metric of input data.
  • size - Number of records in output data.
  • constant - Value to impute with.


  • TA - Atomic Type.
  • MI - Input Metric. One of InsertDeleteDistance or SymmetricDistance
  • MO - Output Metric. One of InsertDeleteDistance or SymmetricDistance


A vector of the same type TA, but with the provided size.